What to Expect


What to expect during your first session with Marianna

With this practice Marianna helps you channel your energy to alleviate ailments of body, mind, spirit and soul that have created imbalance and illness.

Before arriving you are encouraged to spend some time thinking about what issues you would like to focus on.  It does not need to be anything specific, however if you are open and willing and ready to let go of old patterns and energy that do not serve you, it will strengthen the session.

Possible questions to ask yourself…

  • What feels out of balance or is not working in your life?
  • Are there unhealthy patterns that you cannot help repeating?
  • What are you ready to change?
  • Is there an issue that has bothered you for a long time? 
  • Do you have issues with anger or any other destructive emotion or behavior towards another or yourself?
  • Is there a previous quality missing from your life that you would like to reclaim?
  • Are there people that you have an unhealthy connection with?
  • Are there places in your body regularly feeling pain?
  • Do you have a unexplained illness or are you struggling to recover a healthy immune system?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping or do you struggle with fear or anxiety?
  • Is there any aspect of your life that feels out of control?
  • Are there negative themes from your ancestry, that are repeated in your life?

Marianna starts by discussing and explaining her Shamanic process and answers your questions.  After learning a bit about what brought you to her practice you decide together what issues are in the need of healing. For work on children, where it may be difficult to verbally identify the issue to be discussed, Marianna can address the session purely on an energetic level.

After the initial discussion, you will lie comfortably on your back, fully clothed and often covered with a sheet or blanket (as your energy shifts, body temperature can as well).

This is a time for you to relax and let go of energy that interferes with your connection to your true essence. The Illumination is a gentle guided clearing process. Marianna will open the four directions and a sacred space to work together safely and timelessly. You will select one of Marianna’s healing stones (Kuyas). This stone will assist you in clearing energy that does not serve you.  Marianna will assess your Chakras, the energy centers, to determine which may be compromised or which may be negatively imprinting your Luminous Energy Field.  She will gently hold specific energy points on the back of your head while you work on moving energy through breath.  

Marianna utilizes a combination of methods depending on how she is intuitively directed. People react differently when their Luminous Energy Field is worked on. You may experience unexpected emotions, see various changing colors or images (with eyes closed), remember lost memories or feel energy moving in different parts of your body.  Without fully falling asleep, you may reach a conscious form of REM state and feel relaxed and spacious.  For some, results are immediate, and for others more subtle.  You may notice changes right after the session or perhaps later you may look back and realize there was a positive shift in your life.

At the end of the session, Marianna may share information that she received with you.  She may discuss“homework” or lifestyle changes that may help to support your healing process.  Marianna will  send you an e-mail 0ne to three days after the session with any additional notes, resources discussed and suggested follow up work.    She encourages people to contact her within a week or two  to discuss any effects experienced and to determine if additional work needs to be done.

When scheduling your appointment, it is suggested to allow enough time afterwards for yourself to process and integrate your experience.  It is best not to have to rush off back to work, or an appointment but instead to take some time for yourself, in nature or a place of calm to journal or process.


After the healing session with Marianna, she will often make recommendations on how you can integrate the energetic changes you made in your session.  Her hope is to inspire you to pursue your healing journey so the energy shifts can continue and evolve in a realistic way.   Marianna's suggestions may be exercises, knowledge or tools for your own interpretation.

Below are a few suggestion possibilities Marianna may describe.  Informational sheets are given at the time of the session.

  • Salt baths
  • Sand paintings or Mandalas
  • Ancestor Alter
  • Personal alters
  • Destiny Altar and Vision Boards
  • Breathing and/or meditations to incorporate or introduce to your day or week
  • Nutritional references for assisted change in diet
  • Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono
  • Smudging or clearing personal space for clarity and creativity

How often should I have a session with Marianna?  Alberto Villoldo likes to use the metaphor of the Russian Nesting Doll showing how we are our own unique combination of layers of experiences and emotions – As one layer is addressed there may or may not be more that will come to the surface.  As life will continue to present challenges and opportunities to grow, follow-up sessions can be very helpful and effective.