Thank you so much! I have been trying to get to the right word to describe how I am feeling. Lighter yes but more than that. Less compressed? Freer I guess.
— Hartland, Vermont
I have felt changed in ways I can’t completely explain. I feel huge relief and feel that I am seeing and interacting with the world with new sensitivities... new eyes, but mostly a new nervous system, I think. Now that I say it, its’s almost like I lost decades of emotional weight, like I am much younger, really. I remember being more like I feel now, but I know it was a long time ago.
— Hanover, New Hampshire
I have had the wonderful experience of working with Marianna on many occasions and every session has provided me with more peace in my body and mind as well as greater wellbeing and overall health. Marianna is a skilled practitioner and her work has especially helped me with all of the symptoms I have experienced during my recovery from surgery and while undergoing chemotherapy.I would recommend a shamanic healing session to anyone, as we all need healing and peace in this fast paced chaotic world.
— Putney Vermont
I feel as if the heavy, dark veil of fear, anger and anxiety has been, by and large, lifted… Now, I have great energy and am wonderfully productive. I see light and possibility where before such feelings terribly were elusive and most days colored with trepidation and negativity. I find myself grateful in so many ways each day. I acknowledge the newly created light and space around me…Where did all the darkness go?
— Lyme ,NH
Marianna’s voice, suggestions, and explanations really helped me visualize and experience these remote sessions on a deeper level. It is hard to explain the feelings and body sensations over the course of each session. I can say it was an emotional journey, a beautiful journey….a healing journey. I have now had several sessions; an Illumination, an Extraction, , and a Soul Retrieval. My experiences from a distance were amazing. Not only does Marianna balance my energy, but she can detect any disturbance that needs extraction, any force that has taken shape and throwing me off balance. With her vocal guidance across the country from her sacred space in Vermont, I could hear her whistling, calling in the forces from all directions, and offering a source of connection energetically. It was helpful to speak to Marianna prior to my session as well as reflect and debrief afterwards. Marianna’s thoughtful sensitivity as a guide and a healer helped solidify meaning and purpose from these incredible experiences.
— Durango Colorado