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With her background as a student of Cultural Anthropology, Marianna has always explored her love of indigenous healing beliefs.  During thirty years of world travel as a  jewelry designer she has collaborated in many cultures learning the symbology, folklore and the healing properties of stones, color and symbols.  

Marianna followed her calling to Peru and Chile to become a certified Shamanic Energy Practitioner, and a graduate of the Light Body School of the Four Winds Society.  She combines the ancient energy practice of the Laika Shamans of the Q’ero lineage of Peru with indigenous techniques she has learned in Bali and India, as well as her knowledge of Reiki and Pranic healing,  to create her own unique and evolving healing practice.

Marianna acts as a conduit to clear energy that no longer serves us.    Throughout our lives we all have experiences and various forms of trauma that can become wounds that dim the radiance of our essential selves.  We are also born with genetic and ancestral information and energy that may restrict or interfere with our well being.  Marianna works with us to distinguish which issues to address, intuitively helping us shift and transform to a healthier state of integrated physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. 


Marianna has had great success working remotely by telephone, Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp anywhere in the world.  She also offers a “Dreamtime Session”, shared remotely when you are sleeping in the comfort of your own home. This works especially well with young children.   She is also available for private, couple, or group sessions at her hilltop office in Putney Vermont and at the  "Open Door"  Health Clinic in White River Junction Vermont.  Her Putney Office sits on the side of Putney Mountain, and after a session there are nature paths to walk and a beautiful view to enjoy while processing the experience.  When needed, Marianna will travel to see clients. 

Marianna’s deep affinity and connection with animals has made her practice effective for animals as well and can be quite helpful with pet owners and their relationships with their furry loved ones.

Marianna is certified as a teacher for “Dying Consciously” and works with those in transition and their families throughout the process. This is available for animals and can offer great comfort.  To learn more visit:

All sessions are private and strictly confidential.  Marianna encourages people to continue with traditional therapies and counseling as part of their healing process.  She is happy to work in partnership with other practitioners to support each client.  

Marianna appreciates and honors the opportunities she has had learning with the healers that have taught and mentored her.  She views her abilities as a gift to help others reconnect with their own love and light, empowering them to continue their journey grounded and centered.  Like her mentor, Alberto Villoldo, she believes that “if we create the energetic conditions of health...we can grow new bodies that age and heal and die differently.”