Interventions that clear & rebalance
homes, land & workspaces

Our homes, offices or land can often contain unwanted energies or un-departed entities (spirits).  These negative energies can adversely effect your life, your family and those who share the space.  Have you ever felt uncomfortable with a room, felt the hair raise on the back of your neck or feel depressed in the space without reason?  Perhaps there have been many arguments in the space, or the person who lived there before was going through a rough time. It is not unusual for the negatively charged spaces to cause disagreements or interfere with plans and dreams.

This purification process clears heavy or stagnant energy to help you feel more comfortable and at ease.  An Energetic Clearing is perfect for moving into a new space or after purchase of land to clear energy from the previous owners.  Also, in preparing homes for sale that have been challenging to sell, it often leaves the space feeling light and clear and welcoming for a new owner.

The Energetic Clearing process is reviewed with you to do what feels right.  Marianna often uses the burning of the sacred Palo Santo Wood or different Sages but this is not mandatory.  When possible, ceremonial fire outside the house is helpful.