We have been the keepers of rites that usher in who we are becoming as a people, as a planet. These processes are not only for the Indians, but for the entire world.
— Don Manuel Quispe to Alberto Villoldo




Throughout the cultures of the world, seven rites of passage have often been recognized throughout history:

Birth, adulthood, first love, marriage or deep commitment, parenthood, menopause, and death. 

Bringing family or community together in ceremony and ritual is a time to create a beautiful celebration.   Marianna offers assistance in leading ceremonies and helping  establish or create ceremonies that fit individual needs in conjunction with their religious beliefs.  They are designed to help shift energy with gratitude and to leverage the laws of attraction. Marianna focuses on the concepts of Release, forgiveness, blessing and manifesting. Ceremonies are available for births, weddings, family reunions, graduations, new employment or beginnings, or personal manifestations of life visions.


The Death rites practiced by the Shamanic traditions allow us to understand the kind of psychological and emotional closure needed  for the dying, their family and loved ones.   

This is a service designed uniquely for all persons involved in the dying process; the individual, family members, friends, hospice works and support groups.  It offers dignity and peace in the death process.  Marianna shares specific steps to bring reconciliation and healing so that the family can actively participate in helping and supporting their loved one in their final stages of life.

Once the person has passed, a death rite frees the luminous energy field from the body so that the spirit's flight and peace can be achieved.  

For more information, please visit http://www.dyingconsciously.org.


The ceremony during and after the loved ones passing is a loving and healing approach to the mourning process.  Marianna offers her services or ideas to individuals and families on how they can create a special service and or ceremony that fits their individual needs and wishes for their loved ones rite of passage.  


Despacho ceremonies are ancient rituals of the Laika of Peru that bring beauty, balance and abundance to those participating, (and for those for whom prayers are made).  There are many types of Despachos, but all are mandalas to the spirit which contain potent offerings and prayers. Marianna works in ceremony  with ritual at the level of spirit in a place of sacred time and timelessness. 

The Ayni despacho is the most common type of Despacho.  "Ayni" is the practice of sacred reciprocity and ultimate balance... a beautiful state of love and being with syncronicity.  Natural materials are used, and with great intention and love, Marianna, and everyone invited use thier breath to blow prayers into objects before placing them into the mandala.  Once completed, the Offering is cleansed and is ritually given to the fire or water to ensure that the prayers are released to spirit.  Marianna offers Despachos in both group and private settings..

Rituals are about healing, acknowledgment of people and their gifts, and making spirit visible or tangible.
 A ritual is a ceremony in which we call in Spirit to be the driving force, the overseer of our activities.. It is a way for us to find our way to wholeness, peace, self-acceptance, and acceptance of others. Ritual allows us to connect 
with the self, the community, and the natural forces around us. Ritual helps us to remove blocks between us and our true spirit.

The purpose of ritual is to take us to a place of self-discovery and mastery. In this sense ritual is to the soul what food is the physical body......Ritual is not limited to just indigenous people; it is the language of spirit, and has a universal dimension to it.
— Sobonfu E Some excerpted from her book, Welcoming Home