Marianna guides an inward journey to help release energy that no longer serves you, retrieve lost elements of your essential self, and reclaim the vital forces in your life.  From a recent testimonial for Marianna…

“I see light and possibility where before such feelings were elusive and most days colored with trepidation and negativity.  I find myself grateful in so many ways each day.” 

About Marianna Jacobs, Shamanic Energy Healings

Based in Vermont, Marianna followed her calling to Peru and Chile to become a certified Shamanic Energy Practitioner, and a graduate of the Light Body School of the Four Winds Society. 


Shamanic Healings

The Illumination is the time honored foundation for Shamanic healing that clears the energy imprints in the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) .  Working with the seven major Chakras this process helps open and restore the Luminous Energy Field by breaking up the energy associated with repeated negative cyclical patterns. 


Healing Getaway

Come to Putney, Vermont to receive a Shamanic Energy session(s) from Marianna Jacobs and relax at our neighbor's lovely Airbnb .  Both properties have soaring views of New Hampshire's spectacular summit, Mt. Monadnock and beautiful woods and hillsides to walk.  READ MORE>>>>>

Remote Healing

Remote sessions are often more effective because people are in their own private and comfortable surroundings with Marianna for 60 to 90 minutes  over the phone or via FaceTime or Skype.  After the initial introduction the visual is turned off and interaction is by sound only.


Rites of Passage

Bringing family or community together in ceremony and ritual is a time to create a beautiful celebration.   Marianna offers assistance in leading ceremonies and helping  establish or create ceremonies that fit individual needs in conjunction with their religious beliefs.  


Space Clearings

Our homes, offices or land can often contain unwanted energies or un-departed entities (spirits).  These negative energies can adversely effect your life, your family and those who share the space.